Tuesday, February 25, 2014

'Steele' plans for 2014 and forward

Current situation: @#$%ing finally making progress on the second album. I've chosen 7 songs as definitely going on it, plus looking at about 5 more. I have either pretty solid base tracks or demos for 5 of the 7 definites, so I'm working on getting those for the rest of the songs now.

For the moment I'm doing all this on my iPad and iPhone using Beatmaker 2, programming the drums and a bass track in MIDI and using Ampkit+ with Inter-App Audio to put in guitar tracks. Turns out the little mic in the Apple earbud phones is good enough to sing scratch vocals into, which is pretty cool.

I figure I'll give myself a lot of lead time, because I don't have much free time these days. My thought is to release the album in early 2016, to go with the 20th anniversary (GAH!!) of the first album release in Japan. So, about 2 years. If I get it done sooner, maybe I'll put it out sooner.

I'm thinking about how to share the progress as I go, in case anyone's interested. Probably post some tracks on Soundcloud, might try to document it on video on YouTube. Will let you know! Stay tuned, thanks for your patience. -J