Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Still kind of slow

I haven't done any studio work since I laid the bass track down last Friday, but I did promise to put up the original demo version of Only In Your Mind, so here it is (5.91MB mp3, 160K, mono). Right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click) to download. (Does everyone know that already? Seems as though they should...)

This is the instruments track only, without guitar solo or vocals, mixed down from the 4-track master that I recorded using a Tascam 464 and Roland R8 drum machine - these were bought by the record company and taken back at the end of my deal, but I subsequently bought my own which I still have. There actually are vocals on the master, but I listened to them and... hoo boy. They're pretty bad. I originally wrote a lot more lyrics, and the ones which didn't survive to the album version were killed off for good reason! Also the actual singing is pretty awful too. While I'd like to be as open as possible about how I did stuff and what it all sounded like, I think in this case I will be obtusely selective about what I'll reveal in public. Trust me, your ears will feel better this way. :)

For comparison, here's the final album track (4.45MB mp3, 160K) in case you don't have it already.

I have to do bills and laundry tonight, but hopefully I can get a bit of time to put some vocals to the new version.

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