Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend Results

Well, I was able to get the rough basic acoustic and rhythm guitars done Saturday night, but that was the end of my progress on recording for the weekend. Sunday was taken up mostly with sleeping late, football, more sleeping, more football, and then working on a strip for the webcomic. Not having the MIDI drum track really put a dent in the progress.

So, since I didn't actually get a full cut done on the song, with bass and vocals etc., I haven't made an MP3 file - I'd like to get something that sounds like a whole song done before exposing it to you! A rough-sounding song is OK as long as it's complete and recognizable, but you don't want to hear just drums and guitars in that state. I'm just doing one-pass takes, too, leaving in minor mistakes, just to get the whole thing down so I can listen to it and live with it, and let my brain start adding parts to it as a background process while I do my daily thing.

I should be able to get bass and a solo done sometime later in the week, and maybe even do the vocals, since I don't have to sing loud to do roughs. I have to say that doing this new version has brought the song back to life for me; it's one of my favorites out of all that I've written, so it's fun to breathe new life back into it.

Oh, and of course I discovered that I haven't ripped the original demo of it to MP3 yet, so I can't put that up either. Sigh. I hope you'll be patient!

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